Boost Vote

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Boost Vote is another way to support your favourite contestant by giving he/she a boost in  the ranking. This was also made for supporters who do not have the time or capacity to cast their vote daily either as a free user or premium member but instead, would like to cast their vote one time only as a bulk.

Boost Votes comes at a premium and we at Pageant Vote, would always encourage the organic way of voting to create the most noise for the pageant and community support for the contestant.

Boost Vote is available at Bronze, Silver and Gold. It is only cast one at a time per package. 

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*Please note:
1. This is not daily voting.
2. Boost will not be available for all pageants. It is at the discretion of the organizer.
3. The number of days for Boost Vote to be available will depend on the organizer. It may be 3 days, 2 days or until the end of voting.